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#TOP20 SUPER EMPIRE ELITE LIST – The List of Gamechangers”

The list below has amazing value just by the names on it alone. However, those that beg to differ on the results, may form a different opinion after you understand why this list is the Most Elite List Value Online. Why is it the most Elite? This isn’t based totally on Analytics. The below sources are part of the equation of course, but analytics gather algorithmic data not the connection it inspires. You see, what makes this list the most valuable is the data mixed with human connection. This is a collection of #Influence, #TopRanked, #Engagers, #OrganicContent, #OrganicConnection, #ResidualValue, #Informative, #Experts, #TopMarketers, #Impression #LeaveImpact #Authoritive #Leaders 

 This list will change, so don’t get comfortable with your spot on it.


This List is “THE LIST”

This list is compiled of the #Top20 on Empire Avenue

#Top20 Valued Connections

#Top20 ResidualValue

#Top20 Multi-Topic Influencers

#Top20 OrganicMedia

#Top20 OnlineValue

Data Collected for the #Top20 include these Top Sources :

#EmpireAvenueTips, #EAVNET, #InsideEmpireAvenue, #Klout, #KRED, #PeerIndex, #XeeMe

Empire Avenue | ZAIBATSU @zaibatsu

Empire Avenue | MYSODOTCOM @MySOdotCom

Empire Avenue | FIXEDOPS @FixedOpsGenius

Empire Avenue | NAK @terrinakamura

Empire Avenue | BOBW @BobWarren

Empire Avenue | JONAK @ArtJonak

Empire Avenue | PDSTEIN @paulsteinbrueck

Empire Avenue | CLATKO @clatko

Empire Avenue | BRETZKE @stvbretzke

Empire Avenue | ANNET @annehthomas

Empire Avenue | MICHAELQTODD  @mqtodd

Empire Avenue | QRKIM @QRKim

Empire Avenue | RSULLIVANLAW @rsullivanlaw


Empire Avenue | DRDAVD @davdittrich

Empire Avenue | OBOY @0boy

Empire Avenue | PDSTEIN @paulsteinbrueck

Empire Avenue | EDUPRENEUR @omaratharrison

Empire Avenue | BERRIEPELSER @BerriePelser

Empire Avenue | RAMIKANTARI  @Ramikantari

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8 thoughts on “#TOP20 SUPER EMPIRE ELITE LIST – The List of Gamechangers”

  1. Anne Thomas on said:

    Thanks so very much for including me!! It is an honor to be included with these fine folks!

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  3. Thanks for liking Diane @dl101 and checking the list out. You could very well make this list also because you fit into all the above but as for now just my first post

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  5. Great list, Michael! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great work Daze

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